Escargot Wine Combinations!

Snails are prepared in different ways with 116 varieties. Snails are slow, but with a maximum speed of 4 meters per hour they colonize the entire planet. The French consume upwards of 40,000 tons of these animals every single year – and that’s not counting everyone else that eats escargot too.

As always, pairing wine depends on your preferences and how snails are been prepared and served. So, we`re going to focus on a list of a few options.

Escargots à la Bourguignonneroasted in the oven and served in a garlic butter sauce.
Good options include a white Burgundy like a crisp Chablis or a creamy white Chardonnay which has a good and buttery character to match the flavour of the sauce.

However, Chardonnay isn’t the only option, as it doesn’t appeal to everyone. A dry rosé is an excellent alternative. This style of wine is incredibly versatile. It will pair well with countless dishes, including escargot. While the buttery nature of Chardonnay complements the sauce for your escargot, a rosé provides a delightful contrast instead.

You could also turn to a sparkling white wine, perhaps Champagne. The bubbles in the wine contrast the creaminess of your sauce and there’s no risk of the wine overwhelming any delicate flavours. Besides, sparkling wine is a fantastic way to create a sense of occasion.

Escargots à la Bordelaiseserved in a richer, meat and white wine broth.
Besides Chardonnay, an Alsace Pinot Gris or a Pinot Grigio would also complement the dish. Both made from the same grape, vibrant and are very similar to each other. However Pinot Gris tends to be the richer of the two.

This dish can also stand up to a young and vibrant red wine, like a red Burgundy Pinot Noir offering a more intense and structure without overpowering the dish. Grenache, Caberent Franc, Dolcetto, or Frappato would also work. Avoid rich red wines, especially those that are high in tannins.

Escargots au Citronserved with a lemon sauce.
You can still serve a chardonnay here, but you’ll need to look for an unoaked version rather than one that has been aged in oak. A New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, a Spanish Verdejo or a Tuscan Vernaccia can be an interesting choice too. These type of wine don`t have the same rich creaminess that you find with Chardonnay. They are sharper instead and often have herbaceous notes. The wines can make an excellent contrast to the dish, while the herbaceous aspect is a natural complement to the lemon in the sauce. A Riesling could also be appealing, especially if you choose an off-dry Riesling rather than a dry one.

Escargots au Limousinethis version of escargot is unusual, as it includes the flavour of nuts.
The use of nuts creates a stronger flavour in the dish, giving you more flexibility with the type of wine that you use. Vibrant white wines like a Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Chenin Blanc or perhaps Viognier can all be excellent here.

So, it’s always worth doing some experimenting of your own. Use the ideas in this list as a starting point and try out different types of wine. Focus first on the wines that you enjoy, as this will make a huge difference to your overall experience.


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