Pairing Wine with Scallops!

Scallops are some of the most delicious seafood around and some of the most flattering to a serious white wine.

Matching wine with scallops is likely to lead you more to whites than reds. Big, tannic red wines will generally overpower seafood dishes, although you could experiment with very light reds if you really cannot penetrate into white wine territory.

Whether they’re grilled, steamed, seared, or eaten raw, scallops are known for their deep, rich flavour. This natural richness pairs best with an acidic wine. The sharp taste can cut through the heavy taste of the scallops and keep your palate refreshed with every sip.

While you want to pick an acidic wine, it’s best to avoid selecting a wine that’s too strong—which means you should be cautious when picking a chardonnay or sauvignon blanc. The scallop’s soft texture and gentle flavor means it can be easily overpowered by the taste of a strong, sweet wine.

Look for light flavours with a hint of sweetness or notes of fruit to complement the sweetness of the scallop.

However don’t be afraid to try out new wines, including unexpected ones. You never know what discoveries you’ll make.

My recommendations:

• Riesling

• Roero Arneis

• Viognier

• Condrieu

• Champagne / Prosecco

• Beaujolais

• Pinot Noir

• Frappato

• Provence Rosé




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