The Best Mac & Cheese with Wine!

This classic dish has topped the comfort food charts for decades, and is here to stay.

The best wine for this ultimate one-dish meal enhances the addicting creaminess while simultaneously making the luxurious texture seem less dense, so you can devour an entire bowl, box, or microwave cup of cheesy gold.

So we want a soft, creamy wine, too!

When you taste Viognier, the wine starts subtly, but as it moves through your mouth it grows broader and develops a texture that feels almost oily. That’s exactly what we want because it’s a perfect match for the cheese sauce. As you swallow, the ever-so-slight bitterness of the wine cuts right up against the sharpness of the cheese. When you first smell it, you’re hit with all sorts of floral notes like rose petal and honeysuckle, plus bright citrus fruit such as bergamot, orange, and tangerine. They get you primed, but don’t let the sweet aromatics fool you — these wines are bone-dry. Home base for Viognier is the Rhône Valley, located in the southern part of France, and the priciest bottles come from an area in the Rhône called Condrieu.

A light unoaked Chardonnay, a posh white Burgundy like Chablis, a fizzy wine like Champagne or a smooth dry Chenin Blanc are also good picks.

Off-dry Riesling – Think you can’t deal with sweetness in your wine? Try it again with mac and cheese. The salty cheese balances the sweeter wine, plus Riesling’s acidity refreshes your palate, making it so you can eat more mac and cheese.

Grenache RosèIn Spain’s dry heat, Grenache based wines become ripe and juicy, making them great with cheesy dishes (think fruit and cheese plate).

If reds are a must, a young Merlot from St. Emilion works surprisingly well with macaroni cheese. A fruity Pinot Noir, which accents salty cheeses but isn’t too tannic is a pairing made in heaven. Chianti Classico is a natural partner for the tangy cheese and especially if there is smoked bacon added in the dish. Lambrusco is an Italian sparkler that’s a fun, unexpected choice for baked cheesy dishes. The cheese softens the wine’s tannins and the wine’s bubbles keep your mouth feeling squeaky clean.

Wine paired with Macaroni and Cheese is an irresistible combination of nostalgia and deliciousness.

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