What Pairs with Strawberries!

Strawberries are in season, and I’m sure you’re enjoying a bowl in this glorious nice weather. But what wine you choose to drink with them?

The wine I suggest should be light, low in alcohol and with fruity aromas. Champagne (white or rose), Prosecco, Sparkling Wines (like a Moscato d`Asti) are the perfect match when combined with fresh fruit, especially strawberries, thanks to their delicate taste.

Moscato d’Asti is a glorious match for this strawberry-laden classic because it combines bright citrus flavours; think mandarin oranges and fresh nectarines, with a hint of honeyed sweetness, and a refreshing sparkle.

The combination between strawberries and champagne is so apt that at the beginning of the ’30s in Italy the Rossini cocktail was born: this particular cocktail made in Italy is the result of the perfect union of strawberries, lemon juice and champagne. The recipe is very simple but the result is assured.

A floral German or Austrian Riesling is beautiful. It`s honeyed notes of stone fruit complements the cream and the racy acidity of the strawberries. A wonderfully indulgent and enjoyable wine for the occasion. Floral and spicy Gewürztraminers offer an unctuous and tropical contrast to fresh strawberries.

New World Chardonnay is also a good wine for strawberries, thanks to its characteristic floral bouquet. Off-dry Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley, characterized by lemony flavors and nutty richness, would also mesh well with this summer classic.

Another excellent wine to pair with strawberries is Pinot Noir, a wine obtained from the pressing of black grapes, with a characteristic scent of red fruits, which goes well with the taste of strawberries. A chilled Beaujolais or even a Cinsault are also great red options.

Fraises au Vin Rouge is a French favourite drink, pairing sweet seasonal strawberries, sprinkled with sugar (set aside to macerate for about 1 hour). Then added to the glass and topped with fruity Pinot Noir or Beaujolais wine.

If this has you craving strawberries, you’re not alone! Enjoy

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