What to drink with Roast Beef!

The big flavour of Roast Beef really begs for red wine – and a beefy one at that. Great Bordeaux`s match beef perfectly. As do rich Italian reds such as Brunello from Tuscany or a Barbaresco from Piedmont. Other rich, heavy styles with lots of strength like an Argentinean Malbec, a Spanish Rioja Reserva or a Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile or California are a great match.

The rarer the meat is – and the more of a deeply savoury crust it has – the better it will deal with tannins and high levels of alcohol. In other words rare beef suits young, full-bodied reds while older, more delicate reds are sometimes better with beef that’s cooked a little longer.

Most beef recipes are filling and hearty, and are served with starchy side dishes such as potatoes, rice or bread. Very few beef dishes can be considered light, which is why red wines go so well with beef. If your beef dish has a strong, bold flavor, you’ll want to select a wine that can stand up to it. A basic rule when pairing wines with food is to put similar flavours together.




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