Wine, Eggs for Breakfast – Why Not!

Who said you cannot have wine with eggs benedict – that creamy dish of poached eggs and ham topped with buttery hollandaise sauce.

Although it’s so good you could eat it at any time of day – it’s primarily a breakfast or brunch dish which suggests, if any alcohol at all, a sparkling wine cocktail like Bucks Fizz (champagne / sparkling wine topped with orange juice), or the below wines are the ideal pairings.

Sparkling wine. Bubbly wines are ideal for brunch—and not just because of the low alcohol levels. The wines’ bright acid and bubbles scrub your palate in between bites of rich eggs and buttery hollandaise sauce.

German Riesling. The match-up of salty and sweet flavours is behind many of the world’s great pairings. Off-dry Riesling is so delicious with cured meats, like ham and bacon along with, of course, some hollandaise. Look for Rieslings that say “feinherb” on the label, which tend to have a whisper of sweetness along with plenty of citrusy acidity.

Viognier. This wine will enhance the creaminess of the hollandaise sauce and egg, and match with the smokiness of the ham.

Rosé. Pink wines are versatile and they make great brunch wines. While rosés pair nicely with your standard eggs Benedict. Look for pale pink, lighter-style roses with plenty of berry fruit and mouthwatering acidity, such as those from Provence or Tuscany.

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