Fattoria San Giuliano – Dolcetto d`Alba DOC 2020 – Alc13%

Dolcetto is the most typical grape of the Piedmont region, grown in the cool heights of the Langhe hills. The Italian word dolcetto means “little sweet one”, but it is not certain that the name originally carried any reference to the grape’s sugar levels: it is possible that it derives from the name of the hills where the vine is cultivated. In any case the wines produced are nearly always dry.

Dolcetto is an important Piedmontese variety that’s suited to the calcareous tufa soils common to Barbaresco. The antithesis of Nebbiolo, it ripens a month earlier, producing wines that are low in acid yet high in tannins. Dolcetto d’Alba is the grape’s most highly-regarded incarnation and makes the perfect antipasti wine.

Producers have managed to make a red wine of incomparable quality. The taste and style vary from vineyard to vineyard. Dolcetto d’Alba DOC is an “everyday” wine that leads it to be rightly considered the friendship wine, with a simple and rustic character with a more or less intense ruby ​​red colour related to the type of soil and deep, very marked purple reflections. Its scent is vinous and fragrant with inviting hints of fruit in which cherry and plum are recognizable; the flavour is decidedly dry and dry, with modest acidity, slightly bitter, delicate and inviting.

The olfactory profile of Dolcetto d’Alba DOC wine is fruity, characteristic and dry and harmonious on the palate.

Dolcetto d’Alba DOC is enjoyed within 1-3 years.

Producer: Fattoria San Giuliano, Neive.

Grape Variety:100 Dolcetto d`Alba.

Tasting Note:
Ruby red colour with violet reflections, intense and inviting, remarkable scent that reminds one of flowers and fresh fruit, dry, balanced, harmonious and velvety, pleasing finish with notes of almonds.

Food Pairing:
Pairs well with all Italian and International dishes, mixed boiled meats, veal, pork, lamb, goat, poultry, rabbit, mushroom dishes and fresh cheeses.

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