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About Us

Vinolithic is spear-headed by David Mirasole, a well-known industry professional operating in the food & beverage industry with over 30 years of experience.

He has been involved with leading operators in Malta representing local and international wines of various companies, building strong relationships within this industry.

He now presents Vinolithic, where he is passionate about offering people the opportunity to embrace the wine culture, increase their knowledge and wine appreciation, and will always be at hand to guide them accordingly.




About Vinolithic

At Vinolithic we are more than just another wine supplier – wine is our lifestyle, wine is our passion. We act as a valued partner to our customers, whether you are a food and beverage business owner or individual who likes the finer things in life.

We offer guidance, unrivalled knowledge and wine appreciation, industry know-how and personalized service to enhance your wine experience.

For businesses we also provide support, advice and bespoke training to help on-trade establishments provide an unbeatable wine experience for their clients. We also advise and assist with online marketing and food and beverage business consultancy.

For individual wine lovers, we may also organize wine-tasting events for groups and provide individual guidance on helping you choose your preferred wine.

We’re passionate about wine and believe that knowing more about where the wines come from, the grape varieties and wine styles, can enhance your wine drinking experience and embolden you to experiment with the wide selection of wine styles and grape varieties on our list.

We search for wines that are authentic and interesting, and that express their distinct regions. It is this unending enthusiasm for discovery and for the talented work of winemakers that drives us every day.



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