Factors to consider when tasting a wine?

Have you been craving for the taste of grape juice perfectly turned into wine? A considerable portion of the population loves to savour the taste of wine. It’s the perfect drink for a cocktail party, holiday celebration, or casual get-together with friends and colleagues on a night out.

Drinking wine is one thing, but tasting it to assess its flavour and the overall taste is different. There’s a lot to consider from its look to its aroma down to its actual taste. If you are not a wine expert, it can be hard to tell the difference among the wines served right before your very nose. But if you are quite keen, you’ll be able to tell which ones are good to the taste and which ones leave a sour impression.

This is sorted into 3 parts: the overall look, the smell, and the taste. You can certainly use this knowledge to buy good wine and enjoy better selections than you did before. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what makes a good wine great!

Sight: clarity (clean, not clean), intensity (light, medium, deep) and color (straw white, golden white, amber white, light pink, intense pink, purple red, ruby red, garnet red).

Smell:freshness (clean, not clean), intensity (delicate, medium, intense) and aromatic characteristics (fruity, vegetable, spicy, floral, tertiary ageing).

Taste: sweetness( dry, ripe, sweet), acidity (low, medium, high), tannin (soft, marked, edgy, sharp), body (light, medium, full), balance (hard part-soft part), finish (short, medium, long).

All this is summarized in the final judgment of the overall observations that also take into account the type of wine, the quality and price bracket.






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