Gavi – Elegance Defined!

Gavi is one of the most famous and appreciated white wine produced in the Alto Monferrato, in the southern part of the province of Alessandria, Piedmont, north east of Italy, bordering with Liguria and made exclusively from Cortese grapes cultivated in the town of Gavi and surrounding villages, from which it takes its name.

A Gavi di Gavi or Gavi del comune di Gavi wine indicates that the vineyards from which the grapes come from are located within the borders of the town of Gavi. Gavi wines on the other side, are made from grapes grown within the appellation area, but outside the town of Gavi.

The Cortese grape variety is known for its bracing acidity and its ability to retain freshness even when grown in warm environments. Apple, peach and honeydew flavours are commonly associated with Cortese wine, with lime, almond and light herbal or grassy aromas.

The Cortese grape is also widely cultivated outside the DOCG area and Piedmont in general, but the wines produced cannot be labelled Gavi.

Traditionally Gavi wines are recommended for drinking in their youth, up to 3 years from vintage. However, the depth of profile and nutty undertones hint at a wine that can undergo further ageing with more producers starting to look at this. Most wines are aged in stainless steel, but some are now trying barrel maturation and/or producing wines that can benefit from longer bottle ageing to bring forward those honey and almond tones.

Gavi also makes some Riserva wines, which can be a little more concentrated in flavours, as well as sparkling.

Traditionally served with Italian antipasti, salads and vegetable dishes, white fish and other seafood dishes. It pairs wonderfully with pestos and other herb forward pasta and risotto sauces. Also pairs well with many kinds of cheeses, like Brunet, Taleggio, Stracchino, Robiola di Roccaverano, and Capra Sarda.

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