And I always answer, I don’t have one…

Why? Because you know, when you’re a wine enthusiast, which will happen to you very soon; there is many, many wines in the world with over 10,000 grape varieties, and 36 billion bottles produced worldwide each year! So, just choosing one as your favourite is pretty hard to do. I love wine because of its diversity.

I could taste new wines every single day for my entire life and it will be always a new one! So, no I don’t have a favourite one but I certainly do have some preferences.

When you start being curious and interested about what you have in your glass, you realize that each wine is unique and how you enjoy it depends on the mood you are in and the experience you’re planning to have.

Wine is like a friend and will be glad to join you in different life events or just in your daily life depending on what you’re up to.

That being said, you can have some favourites and preferences which could perhaps be governed by:
• Grape variety
• Wine region
• Winery
• On what you are eating
• Kind of experience you wanna have

Start asking yourself this question when sipping your wine and you will soon have lots of ideas about it! I know it can be overwhelming sometimes with wine and its complexity, but start being interested about what you’re drinking and the knowledge will come by itself. Trust me, just go step by step.
Remember, wine is fun and one of life’s great pleasures!


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