Giuseppe Sedilesu – `Mamuthone` Cannonau di Sardegna DOC

Cannonau di Sardegna is the epitome of Sardinian wine, which can be often deceiving, but after a deeper acquaintance, it is surprisingly pleasurable. As the name suggests, the basic grape is Cannonau (90-100%), with the permitted addition of local red grapes (0-10%).

Cannonau is originally imported from Spain, where it is known as Alicante or Garnacha. In the Rhone region, France, it is called Grenache.











More than thirty years ago Giuseppe and Grazia purchased their first hectare of vineyard and cultivated it together with their three children. And thank God both the winery and the family have grown over the years. The family-run winery founded by Giuseppe and Grazia is today managed by their three children and their families (daughter Antonietta with her husband Emilio, son Francesco with his wife Rosa, son Salvatore with his wife Mariella and a total number of 13 grandchildren).

Mamoiada is a small Sardinian village situated in the heart of the Barbagia, most of all known for the traditional Mamuthones masks, which represent a significant cultural heritage. The tradition of the masquerades, which has been preserved over thousands of years, is rooted in the sacred rituals of the ancient local population of Mamoiada and is still performed today.

In the area of Mamoiada the Sedilesu winery has got fifteen hectares of vineyards which are mainly cultivated with Cannonau vines trained by the alberello (bush vine) technique. Only a small part, 5% of the wine-growing area, is cultivated with a white grape variety called “Granazza”.

For years they produced only bulk wine, which they sold in the villages close to Mamoiada. Then in 2000, when the children took over the winery, they hit on the idea of bottling and labeling their Cannonau. With this step they wanted to find out if the same aromas and the same flavours with which they grew up and which have always been important elements of their lives would also be appreciated by a demanding wine market. It was worth the experiment. During the following 10 years they doubled their wine production and built new cellars.











My tasting notes:

Cannonau Mamuthone Giuseppe Sedilesu, organic wine, 100% Cannonau, smooth, earthy red from Sardinia, bags of character and meat stock aroma. Cannonau which ages very well, this younger bottling has a long way to go, still very vibrant and fresh with ripe red and black fruit aromas, typical spices of the territory and the underlying animal aroma often found in great Sardinian red wine. Fine and sweet tannins and a depth that makes it unique and distinctive. This is a wine which will endure and will deeper, darker and much more complex after 10 years in bottle. Still, it drinks well now and shows the authentic flavour of Cannonau and Sardinia.

Alc. content: 14.5%vol

Maturation: 12 months

It matches well with all kind of red meat dishes, rich sauces and mature cheeses.

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