Wine Etiquette: Holding a Wine Glass!

You might worry about the proper way to hold a wine glass. In fact, it`s likely that most people have dined in a fine restaurant or enjoyed a glass of wine at a tasting event have wondered if they`re holding their wine glass properly. It might sound a bit snobby to insist that there`s a right way and a wrong way.

If you are holding a glass by the bowl, the heat from your hand will be transferred to the mass of the wine in the bowl and will eventually lead to flabby, dull wine aromas and warm wine. Also when holding the glass by the bowl, it places your hand closer to your nose.

In this case the “off“ aromas you smell might not be from the wine, but could be instead be from that stinky cheesy appetizer you just picked or that coconut-scented hand cream you applied before.

Thus the best way is to hold the glass from the stem. It will also make it much easier to swirl and watch the colour, consistency and so on.

Just remember that the bowl of the wine glass is sacred, and that the stem is your friend.


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