Adding Ice to Your Wine!

At some point in our lives, we have probably all done it. Perhaps you did not have enough time to chill a bottle prior to drink it, or the glass of wine has warmed up since your first sip and you want to re-chill. So, you add some ice to your glass – thus committing one of my wine connoisseurship’s greatest offenses.

Is it really such a sin, is this outdated, or a misinterpreted advice from some wine-snob book?

Turns out, adding ice to wine isn`t a sin (by wine experts), or only for the cheap stuff. Adding ice does two things: It chills and refreshes your wine, yes; but it can also dilute the colours, aromas, texture, and tastes, so I would not recommend ice in fine and complex wines that you would like to enjoy all the intensities nuances, and flavours.

Most experts agree that when it comes to what wines are the least offensive to add ice to, bright and crisp varieties that will retain some acidity when diluted are safe bets, like RieslingSauvignon Blanc, and, of course, Rosé.

In the same way it effects a good wine cocktail, which mutes the delicate flavours in the wine, and thins out the structure as the ice melts.

Prime candidates for ice are the high-quality wines specifically made to be served over ice, which typically have a higher sugar content. All Champagnes meant to be served on ice.

Port wine, with its high alcohol concentration, is another good option to serve over ice — under certain conditions. It is not acceptable to put ice in vintage port. It is acceptable however, and recommended, to put ice in port wines while having them as aperitifs as it not only dilutes the 20 percent alcohol of a port wine, but also produces an elegant, stylish, and versatile drink to enjoy equally at home before an alfresco meal on a warm summer day, or on a cold winter evening in front of the fire.

If you want to add ice, you may want to try the ice cubes made from stone, stainless steel, or plastic. Right out of the freezer, they chill the wine quickly without weakening it, and you still get the ice cube tinkle. Frozen fruit can work nicely too, with grapes being a natural choice.

At the end of the day, warm wine is gross. Either you poor a little bit in your glass, or drink it faster, or the last option is to drop an ice cube in your glass, swirl it around for 20 seconds, grab a spoon, and scoop it out. The wine will be cool and much more enjoyable.

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