Some Reds are Dark, Bright or Transparent. Why?

The colour of wine indicates age, grape variety, density of flavour, acidity and more.

Wine gets its colour from the grape skins.

Some grapes have got more colour pigments then others. i.e. Cabernet Sauvignon is 10 times darker then Pinot Noir.

The longer the juice is in contact with the skin the darker the wine and tend to be bolder and have higher tannins.

By comparing the different colours found in various red wines you can learn to identify a wine just by looking at it.

Rosé wines are made only with 2 hours of skin contact rather than 2 weeks for a regular red.

Yes, if you keep the juice separate from the skins you get white wines out of red grapes!!!

Higher Altitudes and cooler climates get lighter and brighter Reds!

Hot vintages vs cool ones result into darker and more opaque wines.



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