Light & Juicy Red Wines

The winter months are all about rainy days, roast dinners, and cozying up by the fire with a nice glass of red wine. However, if you’re not quite ready to let go of summer, and light summer wines, then a light red wine is the perfect way to adjust to the changing seasons.

Light-bodied wines are produced using thin-skinned grapes, which result in a translucent colour, delicate aroma and mouth feel, and have slightly lower alcohol content. Generally light red wines have aromas of red berries and flowers, as well as more rugged notes of smoke or spices.

This range of sweet and savoury flavours make this variety easily enjoyed with lighter dishes such as fish or vegetables, but also stand up to more robust flavours of game.

For an introduction to light red wines, we suggest sampling the following varieties:

  • Lambrusco

  • Frappato

  • Dolcetto

  • Nero d`Avola

  • Pinot Noir

  • Pinotage

  • Grenache

  • Cinsault

  • Cabernet Franc

  • Gamay

  • Zinfandel


Food Pairing

In very broad terms, pairing light red wine with lighter foods and gentler flavours can work well. Light red wines can often take the place of whites in food pairing, and can work with less delicate fish and seafood dishes. Light red wines are also an option with some very strong flavours dishes, such as some curries. This is because they “fight” less than would be the case with a red wine which is high in tannin and/or alcohol. Similarly a light juicy red can be a refreshing counterpoint for chargrilled food.

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