Why do people ‘chew’ their wine?


You can probably guess the answer to this one now. They are mixing the wine with air in their mouth to release more of the aromas. There is a trick to this, the ‘reverse whistle’ technique. There are two ways to practise this, and the key is to take a small sip!

Take a sip then carefully tip your head forward and suck in a little air through the wine. Or you can keep your head level after sipping, suck in a little air and mix it around with your tongue.

You can try either method but keep the wine in your mouth while you breathe out through your nose. Again, did you notice any new flavours or aromas when you tried this?

The action of mixing the wine with air means we can sense more flavour and aroma from it. Plus the wine stays in our mouth longer before we swallow. This gives our taste buds and nasal receptors time to detect and assess the flavours and aromas. You don’t have to do this with every mouthful, but pausing to try this technique on each new drink will mean you are able to enjoy more of your wine.

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