Designing a Wine List


Most wine lists are compiled just by nation and region, but there`s is much more you can do to assist your customers to get a taste of what they can expect. Bear in mind that not every customer is a wine expert. Sure the sommelier can fill up that gap, but it`s still useful to have some flavour clues like name of grape variety and a short description about the wine.

Here are 5 of my interesting approaches that will satisfy your customers:

EXPLAIN EACH WINE – This is the best way not to leave your customers in no doubt as to what they`re getting. It`s also a good way, to demonstrate your establishment attention to detail.

RECOMMENDATIONS – A good way is to inject a personal touch and offer a few bottles with a short selection of your favourites, at the start of the list.

LISTINGS – White & red wine categories can also be sub-divided into medium bodied/light/fresh, herbaceous/aromatic, nutty/oaked, full bodied/dark/silky.

WINE OF THE WEEK – By highlighting a producer or a grape variety on a rotating basis, you will ensure that a wine lists retains its energy and verve.

FOOD MATCHING – You can focus on a single producer or by grape variety, by pairing wine with your food dishes, thus creating a unique dining experience to your customers.




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