Méthode Champenoise or Traditional Method

Is the process used in the Champagne region of France to produce Champagne.

It is also the method used in various French regions to produce sparkling wines (not called “Champagne”), in Spain to produce Cava, in Portugal to produce Espumante, in Italy to produce Franciacorta, in Germany klassische Flaschengärung, and in South Africa Methode Cap Classique.

However the term methode champenoise can only be labelled in the production of Champagne. Thus, wines from elsewhere have to use the term traditional method.

This method was awarded a UNESCO heritage in 2015. It is arguably the most appreciated method production in terms of quality, and at the same time it is also the most costly in terms of production. The most important factor of the method is that the transformation from still to a sparkling wine occurs entirely inside the bottle.

Giulio`s (owner of Fattoria San Giuliano) curiosity and passion for wine led him to experiment with 2 wines in producing a method champenoise sparkling wines; MACNEBIO BIANCO & ROSATO.




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