What is Barolo Chinato?


It is a wine further fermented with spices and aromas, with a strong digestive character (similar to vermouth) suitable for occasion moments after meals, perfectly suited to meditation and good company.


The wine is obtained with a fermentation at room temperature and in oak barrels, in order to capture even those tones of wood that will characterize the wine. Spices are added that make the bitter character even more particular, with digestive tendencies of this wine, for example rhubarb, gentian or cardamom root.

Sugar and ethyl alcohol are added to help fermentation and raise the volumetric alcohol content per litre, which generally stands at around 17 °.

If you really want to accompany it with something to eat, the best companion ever remains dark chocolate, especially if very pure or with high concentrations of cocoa. Hence, strong flavours are the best allies of this particular wine.



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