Preserving Wine

1-Keep wine in the dark and in dark bottles as UV lights can damage its taste and its aromas (of wine).

2- Store (corked) wine bottles on their side. If stored upright for a long time, the corks (will) dry out which allows air getting into the wine and spoiling it.

3-Store it label side up as it’s easier to spot sediments that may have been formed over time on the opposite lower side.

4-Maintain a constant temperature around 12C. Above 24C wine begins to be affected. For aging wine, refrigeration is a must.

5-Store the wine bottles in a place that you will need to avoid moving them. Vibration, heavy traffic, motors or generators may affect the wine negatively.

6-Keep humidity at around 70% as this will refrain corks from drying.

7-Wine “breathes” so keep it away from any strong smell.

8-Not all wines improve over time. Inexpensive wine does not. Red wines can be aged 2 to 10 years. White wines should be consumed after 2-3 years of storage.


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